Exercise Myocardial Perfusion Study


Pick bra based on the patient’s typical bra size. A sizing chart is attached for use.

Make sure cord for ECG leads is attached to your institutions stress ECG machine and is available to connect to patient’s ECG leads and move to treadmill without obstructions.

Have patient put bra on over the head and through the right arm. You can offer a gown if the patient wants more modesty to be placed over the head, not limiting access to the left chest wall.

Sizing Chart

  1. 1


    Standard Protocol for skin prep applies

  2. 2


    Open the single Cardiobra patient kit. Remove inner bag. Unwind sets from the holder card.

  3. 3


    Gently remove electrode sets from release liner by peeling away from thumb tab.

  4. 4


    Adhere the RA and RL electrode positions to the patient. Continue to apply set A across the patient’s chest to the LA position and down to the LL position. Repeat with set B, applying the V positions form the left to the Right. The electrodes are repositionable, allowing the freedom to rearrange on the patient as necessary.
    Note: Gently pull the wire form the ribbon cable to expand the overall size of the set(s).

  5. 5


    Thread the electrodes through the hole on the posterior part of the bra.

  6. 6


    While holding the male end of the adapter (clear clip) attached to set A, alight with the blue, triangular indicator. Press firmly until lever snaps. Repeat with the blue clip attached to set B.

  7. 7

    Obtain standard ECG

    Obtain resting images for echocardiogram. If you need to move electrodes to a non-standard position to obtain better acoustic windows, prep skin and move electrode. The ECG leads are repositionable as long as the new position has been prepped.

  8. 8


    Velcro side of the bra shut. If patient is large breasted, have patient hold vertical handle on the posterior part of the bra while nursing staff or sonographer brings bra to posterior Velcro position. Push on Velcro to seal well.

  9. 9


    Have patient exercise on treadmill to maximum tolerated ECG. Inject radioisotope per your institutions typical Myocardial perfusion protocol. Disconnect electrode cable and transfer patient to the SPECT machine. ECG leads and bras are radiolucent.