Over 95% of women exercise with a bra on. Why do we test their exercise capacity without one?

The Problem

Most exercise stress testing is performed in women without a bra in place. This is to allow for rapid access to the chest wall for acquiring ultrasound images and to minimize potential artifact in nuclear stress testing. Many women arrive for a stress test expecting to be able to exercise with a traditional sports bra or other breast support garment. Women are uncomfortable and embarrassed when they are told to undress—most facilities offer a thin gown to cover the breast.

No breast support is currently available on the market. Some women experience breast, chest or back pain due to exercise without breast support. Some women will have a non diagnostic study due to inappropriate ECG lead placement or ECG lead artifact from breast motion. Some women will refuse to do the study due to religious or modesty reasons. It is 2019 and CardioBra realized there is a solution to this problem.

The Solution

The Solution

CardioBra is a patent-pending garment with a design that limits breast motion, promotes accurate ECG lead placement, reduces ECG lead artifact and ECG lead adherence, allows rapid access for echocardiogram image acquisition, and limits artifact in nuclear stress testing. CardioBra improves patient comfort by only exposing the breast in areas where needed for the exam.

Our mission is to provide women with a comfortable and accurate cardiac exercise stress test.